It looked so easy.  Using my camera and one from the access station, along with tripods and microphones I set off to begin my career in video production and editing.  I gave up on my tripod and carried the camera around thinking I could capture it all. Sound never had a chance.  The sun was in a cloudless sky provided good lighting.  When it came to editing, lots of experts wanted to tell the story.  How disappointing to see their faces when they saw the very wobbly footage.  In the words of Thomas A. Edison, "Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless."   Staff at the station encouraged me to go ahead with the editing.  It was aired the next Fourth of July.

Not so easy.  Gemariah took more classes including one at Columbia College in Chicago.  She took on projects that pushed her skills and challenged her to tell the story with a unique perspective.  Always looking for projects​​ that would be meaningful and useful to the public, Gemariah found those projects right in her home, with her friends and in social advocacy.

America the Beautiful . . . Trash Can?​​

Gemariah's award winning video about the local environment.  Shot in Evanston and Chicago, it is a timeless piece reminding us of the beauty of our country and to keep it free of trash.
Security Deposits -- Know Your Rights!​
Hometown Award winning video.  Competing with professionals in a one-prize category, our video was given a special award because it was just a point or two below First prize. It was awesome for Gemariah to work with a great group of young guys who were willing to learn that there was more to film making than running around with a camera in hand with their buddies.​
The Irony of Being Positive​
2006 Summer Video
From Helter Skelter to accomplishing the goal -- a video.​
Demo reelsare informative.
We use the equipment we have to the best of our ability and hope it digitizes perfectly.​​