Papillon Commas n Coppers are butterflys of the Rocky Mountain National Park.  They are strong and are survivors.

The butterfly in the picture is one of those species, the Swallowtail.  I created it as my prototype for a kite for Art class.  It is strong and has survived the many moves of my life.

​Whether it is concert recital, the green festival or some other inspired activity that promotes order, beauty or grace, this is the place to find it
Gwendolyn Fisher is a strong beautiful butterfly that came into my production life through friendship with her Mother.  Being able to share Gwen's concerts and soirees with the cable access world and now streaming on the internet has been such a lift in my life.  See her story here.

Award winning video, America, the Beautiful . . . Trash Can? is our environmental flagship program. See programs from the Evanston's Earth Day or The Ecology Center's Green Festival or backyard, in this case - third story window.