Sometimes it is a daily requirement.  Sometimes after one loses a job or a loved one.  No mater how reinvention comes about, it is always a good idea.
Gemariah's reinvention comes from loving God and knowing that each day, He is going to put her to use in some new exciting manner.

That doesn't mean that one Gemariah might be tightrope walking across a lake and the next day soaring through the skies in a prop plane.  It does mean that Gemariah is called upon to meet new challenges.  A few years ago she was asked to help another person in need who seemed to be losing everything.  Gemariah became the person to make sure life kept moving forward.  Then it meant moving to a different state to help different people and herself going forward.  Moving was a great loss to Gemariah.

For the past year and a half, Gemariah has been visiting her Dad and making sure his house has been looked after while he is in an assisted living facility.  it has meant a struggle of who to be and what to be and how to deal with many challenges.
So? What is the reinvention? How will it happen? Where is it going? Who else is involved?  When? 
When is a gradual change, not a defining moment like the dedication of a new building or store opening!  It has been happening for several months now.

It happening through a renewed faith in God and the practice of that faith.  Gemariah struggled with the possible loss of that faith and trust.