Papillon Commas n Coppers are butterflys of the Rocky Mountain National Park.  They are strong and are survivors.

The butterfly in the picture is one of those species, the Swallowtail.  I created it as my prototype for a kite for Art class.  It is strong and has survived the many moves of my life.

​Whether it is concert recital, the green festival or some other inspired activity that promotes order, beauty or grace, this is the place to find it
Gwendolyn Fisher is a strong beautiful butterfly that came into my production life through friendship with her Mother.  Being able to share Gwen's concerts and soirees with the cable access world and now streaming on the internet has been such a lift in my life.  See her story here.

Award winning video, America, the Beautiful . . . Trash Can? is our environmental flagship program. See programs from the Evanston's Earth Day or The Ecology Center's Green Festival or backyard, in this case - third story window.
Papillon or Butterfly has always signified freedom.  Freedom for those ideas fluttering around the countryside and freedom for those people who can't be tied down to one thing.

I have been for most of my life a free-spirit.  Now, I'm looking for a sense of discipline and understanding.  I'm not completely ignorant as some would believe, on the other hand, I don't get what some people are saying -- it sounds like a foreign language.

I'm learning how to write with compassion, gentleness, and a civility that I never thought I should practice. ​​​​ Yet the more I study the Bible and a book titled, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the more I realize what I should have practiced all along.

Seeing them face to face.  God's beauty is their beauty.  ​Do I know God?  Certainly not as well as I should.  In a few weeks, I will have another article published in The Christian Science Sentinel.  A growing conviction of where qualities and attributes come from is the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus told us the kingdom of heaven was within us.  Did he mean that the eternal was in a limited mortal body? Considering all that he said, my understanding points to his meaning was a spiritual or unlimited expanse.  While I was praying about this article it occurred to me that 'conviction' had its source in the kingdom of heaven, not just a dictionary.  It added dimension and power to it.  It became an attribute of God.

Have you attributed words to God lately?  Just thinking about this concept now is taking on a whole new dimension.  ​Whatever belongs to God belongs to each and every attribute that we assign to the kingdom of heaven.  That word 'conviction' includes purity, compassion, oneness, whole, support, light, strength, allness, etc.  It lacks nothing.  The Book of John begins, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  

God gives us all, lacking nothing as noted in the 23rd Psalms.  There is a spiritual interpretation in Science and Health that turns us to look at it through the lens of Love.  How Love cradles us and walks hand in hand with us, then gently feeds us and nourishes right where we think we see our enemy. ​​​

This is where I begin to reinvent myself and share those moments of change and transformation.