Gwendolyn graduated from the Universitaat Mozateum in Salzburg, Austria in 2008 with a Masters Degree in viola performance. She also studied at New England Conservatory of Music, and Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland. She has trained to teach in the Suzuki method of instruction. This week she was asked to join the London Philharmonia.
Being on the look-out for new productions, when I was told there was a concert, I asked if I could video tape it. Permission was granted. I immediately saw talent and not just good talent, but inspired talent.
Over the years I have been video taping Gwendolyn as often as finances have allowed.

Gwendolyn travels extensively for auditions and substitutes for various orchestras.
She has played in The New World Symphony in Florida, several quartets in Europe and
most recently with The London Philharmonia Orchestra.

Gwen is talented and dedicated. These qualities have taken her to the Aspen ??? to the Conservatory in Maryland to Vienna. Gwen's hard work and willingness to travel landed her with the London Philharmonia Orchestra since 2010.