Ca'Boy Enterprises, an umbrella production company, was started in 1996. It is the office and equipment that supports Ca'Boy Productions, NFP, Essay, Good To Know, Sow, Broadcast and Harvest, and Butterfly Production Companies.

Gemariah Love, owner, is an El Paso, Texas native. She has always loved photography. In high school, she was the photojournalist for the school newspaper. After college, raising her family and other careers, she had facial surgery. Inspired by the beauty of the Chicago lake-front, the idea came to her to use a video camcorder as therapy to regain the complete use of her right eye. Purchasing a semi-professional camcorder, she took it with her on camping trips, walks around the Chicago lakefront and visits to Texas.

It was the DVD out-takes and documentary of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid that touched her soul. Editing was something she could master. After taking some classes at the local cable access channel, ​Gemariah was able to edit video tapes into an environment piece for broadcast as an independent producer. She took more classes at the station and at Columbia University.

A couple of years later, she submitted her video, "America the Beautiful... Trash Can?" to the Earth Vision International Environmental Video Festival and won Honorable Mention.

Having moved into an apartment with many maintenance issues led her to research the city's ordinances on building codes. Gemariah turned that research into a series and a documentary (in progress) about the subject. Talking with City officials about the project also led to working with students in the Evanston Summer Youth Employment Program. Our video won another Honorable Mention at the Hometown Awards. This award was more significant because it competed with professionals in a category that only had First Prize. Our score was so close to First Prize that the Judges felt we deserved an award.

Once again, Gemariah was offered the video supervisory position with the Summer Youth Employment Program.  This year, the workers decided to do a short video on HIV.  It was written, directed, crewed, filmed and edited by the workers.  It was a summer full of challenges, but the video was finished.

From then until now, Gemariah continued to documents activities around Evanston, tape Gwen's musical accomplishments and create ideas for young people to involved in film and their community and country.